App Development


We design, develop, maintain and industrialize SaaS applications on Google Cloud Platform using scalable and serverless services such as Appengine, Data Store, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, Big Query, Firebase, Firestore....

In this manner, these applications are automatically scalable and have high availability and performance. The SLA is aligned to Google Cloud Platform SLA (99%).

Moreover, security is ensured by Google, and the authentication can use Google or Microsoft login systems.

Our Artificial Intelligence practice is oriented on building, testing multiple datasets variants and Machine Learning algorithms and serving the models into an actual business application.

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App Development

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Our Technologies

Our technical team has over 20 years experience with Google technologies and has developed many business applications for industry companies. We provide services and consulting on web/mobile technologies as well as data science.

Rewarded as Google Cloud specialists, we aim companies at moving forward new technologies to empower their business